Taype Deck is the leading collective of handpicked DJing talent who all play under the Taype Deck Brand Name.  Providing unrivaled high energy sounds and explosive sets that really leave an impact.

Taype Deck is only open to the most talented, we have sourced some of the most established DJ’s along with those underrated masters from the underground scene and together we are celebrating a true love for music.

Taype Deck allows it’s DJ’s to really experiment and explore, each bringing a totally unique and fresh approach with a sense of unpredictability that is not only thrilling and uplifting but utterly surprising.

Our roots may be in  House and Techno, but with our large library of talent we can source DJ’s form any genre, for any event and we guarantee an exciting set that reconnects you to the music every time!

One things is always certain, only the very best get to play under Taype Decks name as we are committed to scouting only the top talent and most accomplished DJ’s